Reinventing School

Broad Online Learning Platforms – Perhaps ed tech’s most visible segment, these platforms like Coursera, Udemy, and Khan Academy host educational content covering a wide variety of subjects, generally geared toward individuals.

Learning-Management Systems – Digital platforms that help classroom teachers communicate with students, track assignments, and share content, with features like online discussion boards, text notifications, and parent check-ins. LMS represents one of the largest categories within ed tech, and includes startups like HotChalk, Remind, and Nearpod.

Early Childhood Education – Educational toys and games for small children. Speakaboos, with $24M in disclosed funding, produces interactive, digital storybooks for children.

Language Learning – Digital platforms for English learning, like China’s 51Talk andTutorGroup, and tools for learning numerous languages like Duolingo.

Next-Gen Study Tools – Digitally-enhanced study tools, such as digital audiovisual flashcards (Picmonic), AI-based writing assistance (WriteLab), and gamified learning platforms (Kahoot!).

Enterprise Learning – Startups that help large organizations create and distribute business-learning content, such as EdCast and Inkling Systems.

Online-to-Offline – Digital platforms that connect students with live tutors or in-person programming. Beijing-based Gaosi Education, with $63M in disclosed funding, provides students with after-school tutoring.

School Administration – Tools for school administrators to support teachers, manage records, and implement school policy. Parchment, with $69M in disclosed funding, offers schools a software-as-a-service platform to manage electronic transcripts.

Next-Gen Schools – Startups aiming to reinvent the school experience. AltSchool, with $136M in disclosed funding, is building a network of K-8 schools. The Minerva Project and UniversityNow focus on new models for universities.

Curriculum Production – Digital platforms that produce and distribute educational content to schools, like Apex Learning.

Search – Helping students and parents research schools and their curricula. GreatSchools, with $27.5M in disclosed funding, offers information and parent ratings on public and private schools.

Tech Learning – Online tools that teach programming and other IT skills, includingPluralsight and Codecademy.

Test Prep – Digital-learning platforms focused on standardized testing, like Byju’s and Topprin India, BenchPrep in the US, and Xiaozhan Jiaoyu in China.

Source: Reinventing School: 106 Ed Tech Startups Across Learning Management, Language Teaching, And More