An Endorsement By Forbes

Congratulations, team! On 24th March, Forbes endorsed not one, but many of our ideas! In fact, we outguessed Forbes on a count of 9 over the total 15 recommended by Forbes for a score of 60%. That does not take into account the aside discussion we had about brewing our own toddy as a spinoff of producing ethanol out of lalang grass. And, of course, we would not have considered online dating consultants as within our business scope. Unbelievable? Take a look.

Forbes missed out on the HomeCooking part, though.

#1. Remote English Teacher

There’s a huge online demand for English teachers who have the patience and willingness to regularly coach people over Skype. What’s more, is that you can easily make upwards of $25 an hour from people in places like Hong Kong or the United Arab Emirates, and it can even open doors to travel the world. While full ESL (English as a Second Language) accreditation is recommended, you can qualify as long as you’re a native speaker. Sites like Indeed, Learn4Goodand often post remote English teaching jobs, but stay abreast of the latest postings because available opportunities and fees vary.

#3. Travel Consultant

If you love to travel and find yourself frequently searching for airfare sales or browsing sites likeLonely Planet, why not monetize your knowledge as a private travel consultant? Start with friends and family who know they can already count on you for cheap flights and amazing activity recommendations. Ask for referrals and sign up on a site that connects you with travelers, such asPlansify. As a Plansify Travel Advisor, you can start connecting with a larger audience of people seeking your advice. Most registered advisors charge $12 to $30 to answer up to three traveler questions, and $50 to $75 for a one-hour Skype session.

#6. Tour Guide

Do you live in a destination where others frequently visit? If you know your city well and enjoy meeting new people, get the best of both worlds by starting your own local tour business. Make it unique like Erik Hormann’s Vantigo, a company that takes you around San Francisco in a stylish VW van, and you’ll be able to command anywhere from $55 to $600 depending on the tour.

#7. Presentation Design Consultant (may be considered as part of Freelancing)

There’s a surprisingly large market of businesspeople and grad school students that are more than willing to outsource the design of their PowerPoint presentations. Whether it’s investor pitch decks or thesis presentations, Adam Noar of Presentation Panda is proof that you can turn your passion for presentation design into a legit side business.

#8. Tutoring

If you had a knack for standardized tests and had no trouble acing the SAT or ACT, you’ll find that many parents are eager to shell out upwards of $100 an hour for the right tutor to help their kids gain entrance to the college of their choice. Begin with this checklist for starting an SAT tutoring business and look into taking the route of tutoring student for their regular coursework, which will net you closer to $17 an hour. If you’re a credentialed teacher, or have special certifications, you’ll be able to charge much higher rates for the right students.

#9. Teaching Online Courses

If you have marketable skills as a developer, designer, or online marketer, there’s an online audience who’d be willing to pay for your expertise, in order to become experts, too. Start by testing your way into the market on Udemy or Skillshare, where there’s already an existing audience for career-related courses. As you build your brand, aim for teaching on higher-visibility online education platforms like CreativeLive.

#12. Refurbishing Used Electronics (

Many people give up on their faulty laptops, mobile phones or cameras without even looking into the cause of their malfunctions. While it’s no doubt a small-margin business, if you have the skills to fix broken electronics, consider refurbishing and reselling other people’s discarded goods on sites like eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist.

#13. Tailoring and Alterations (

With made-to-order fashion going mainstream, this industry is fueling a lot of side hustle opportunities. If you know how to mend clothes, then you have a growing market of budget-conscious and personalization-obsessed customers readily available. As long as you can get your hands on a commercial-grade sewing machine, start by offering to partner with local drycleaning and laundry services in exchange for referral fees every time they send you a new customer.

#15. Writing College Admissions Essays (Freelancing)

If writing 500-word essays with prompts like, “You were just invited to speak at the White House. Write your speech,” seems like a compelling way to earn some money in your free time, trust me: lots of parents (or students) will pay you to write and edit admissions essays. Set your pricing based upon per page fees of $15 to $30, or opt for per essay fees in the hundreds of dollars, depending upon the depth and breadth of subject matter.

From Forbes, 24 March, of which there are more here (and check out their advertisement for entrepreneurial online course on How To Star A Business While Working A Full Time Job.