Essential Elements of an Effective Facebook Posting Strategy

Here are the 5 essential elements one more time:

  1. Write your post like you’re talking to a friend
  2. Maintain the fabric of your theme and brand
  3. Don’t make the same soup for every meal
  4. Shake things up now and then
  5. Get your audience right

Sales are important. The global economy depends on them. You and your family get fed by them. Every single one of us is selling something daily. Maybe it’s an idea or an opinion instead of an app or a custom flag, but we’re ALL ‘in sales.’

I’m not advising you to get sneaky about sales. That’s not it at all. I’m suggesting you slow down and enjoy the process. Fall in love with selling… that will pave the way for your customers and clients to LOVE buying from you!

Source: Essential Elements of an Effective Facebook Posting Strategy